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Below are some programme ideas that we've used in the past.

Activity Nights Comments
Backwoods Cooking 1 Probably best if you can arrive early and set fires up as they take a while to bed down.
Bike night 2 Spend one night doing basic bike maintenance and talking about road safety. On the second night get them cycling around some quiet roads.
Chess 1 If you set the boards up in a line then the winner of each game moves one way and the loser the other.
Climbing / Abseiling 1
Cook a Breakfast 1 Cook and serve a simple fried breakfast.
Fire Lighting 1 Can be combined with campfire songs or cooking. If cooking then beware that it takes Cubs a long time to get a fire lit and ready for cooking.
First Aid - Activities include CPR, making emergency calls, dealing with minor cuts and burns and wasp stings. Can also get them to act out an incident.
Healthy Eating 2 Explain about good / bad food and how food is labeled. Plan a healthy menu for a weekend camp. Talk about food hygene.
International Cooking 1 Examples include pasta making, curry, Chineese, paella and kebabs.
Knots 2 Learn some basic knots and make a small knotting board using string and cocktail sticks.
Music Making - Make "mucical" instruments from things such as youghurt pots, cans, bottles etc.
Orienteering 1 Get them to find various control cards using map and compass
Road Safety 1 Walk through town concentrating on road safety. Possibly end up at a park for games. Traffic sign bingo (you give the meaning they cross off the sign on a card) also works.
Rock Pooling 1 Check the tide times!
Science - Examples include the effect of exercise on pulse / breathing rates, simple electronics, electromagnets, string telephones, rockets (these can either be done using lemonade bottles part filled with water then mounted on a foot pump or using film canisters, vinegar and Alka Seltzer tablets), fire triangle (put a small candle under an upturned glass and watch it go out) and making a simple compass from magnets floating in water.
Swimming 1 Visit local pool to work on Swimming badges
Tent Pitching 1 Useful to do before camp. Can be combined with a talk on tent care.
Tracking 1 Get them to lay and follow a track. Best done in woodland. Tracking symbols can be found in the old Cub Scout Handbook.
Wood Collecting 1 Teach them how to collect good firewood
World Faiths - Visit local places of worship or have people come and talk to the children about different religions.

This is a copy of the programme we used for a 4 night summer camp at Bentley Copse.